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BCBC is closed for the time being.

I have made the decision to close up Bear Cub Book Club for the foreseeable future, inline with the advice given to close schools from today.

Monday's session is cancelled but I will be posting on Facebook and Instagram when I plan to restart sessions. In the meantime I will attempt to add some recipes and ideas to use at home so keep an eye on social media for when these go up.

I hope everyone is happy and healthy and weathering the storm and I look forward to seeing everyone again when this is all over.


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Bear Cub Book Club

About me

I am Rhiannon, a former teacher, a mother to two daughters under five and a passionate believer in the power of books in early childhood development.

When my eldest daughter was born in 2015 I became fascinated by the process of her learning to talk. Watching both of the girls develop, from their early babbles to their first words to their now, frankly impressive, range of vocabulary I have done everything I can to give both my children access to as many words as possible and reading to them is the biggest part of that.

I have also spent the last four years attending some amazing classes with the girls, from Baby Sensory, to Kate's Storytree and Monkey Music, to mention just a few. I have learnt so much and am really excited to be putting all that knowledge and my years of teaching back into practice.


About the class

The research behind the benefits of reading with preschoolers from birth is extensive as are the benefits of sensory play. At Bear Cub Book Club I have combined the two to provide a class that will be as fun as it is developmental, after all we all learn the most when we are enjoying ourselves.

Long term it has been proven that children who are read to from a young age often go on to be more confident and academically successful. There has been an in-depth study by the Department of Education which summarises the fact that reading with our children simply gives them a 'head start in life'.

It is also essential to let our children play freely and without rules to foster creativity, independence and lateral thinking. These are all skills which are so important in today's world and in helping them become happy, healthy adults.

In addition messy or sensory play is particularly good for things such as practicing fine motor skills, gaining spacial awareness and understanding the role of textures, sound and smells in their world.

As a qualified teacher I have experience in creating fun and engaging activities and I plan each Bear Cub Book Club meeting to meet those objectives; each meeting focuses on one story, perhaps a beloved classic or a brand new adventure, with sensory activities linked to the theme of the story.

So come along and see for yourself!


Both my 3 year old and 1 year old loved the taster session, so much so that when they got home they re-enacted the whole thing in the garden. They found sticks for the forest, water, mud, grass and white flowers for snow and told the whole story using their findings. At the end my daughter gave her little brother a sticker for ‘Good listening’. Obviously had a huge impact on them and I’m not surprised, what a creative, imaginative and fun session based on everyone’s love of classic books and reading.

Nicky, Taster session.

How do I get involved?

If you feel like a Book Club for your baby, toddler or pre-schooler is exactly what your life has been missing then please come and join us!

We run a pay as you go system, with no need to book. One meeting is £6 (£4.50 for each additional sibling) and we operate a loyalty card scheme so that your 6th session is totally free, hooray!

While you do not need to book it is possible to reserve a space using the button below to make sure you aren't disappointed on the day.


Our meetings

The messy bits


Session details

Tiddington Community Centre

Monday 10am

39 Main Street,


Stratford Upon Avon, 

CV37 7AY.

Free parking at the venue.

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